Power of Unity with Ps Thando Melane

Dwelling together should not be assumed as united. Unity is a deliberate process and not an afterthought.

According to Psalm 133, unity has two aspects to it:

  • Goodness – it adds to the betterment of another person and to the environment.
  • Pleasantness – out of it come good things. People get excited about life, work, business, friendship, and God.

The same passage also highlights ingredients/features that makeup unity. Moses is instructed to mix a variety of spices with oil. All these spices have different effects, odours, and functions.

Features of Unity according to Psalm 133:

  • Mixing spices with oil could resemble diversity. People generally become one-dimensional and are more welcoming to people who are like them. The beauty of unity is when we embrace even the people who drive us crazy in our families, workplaces, Churches, etc.
  • Interconnectedness – the law of nature is such that we need each other even though we might not see eye to eye. Best performing teams, companies, and families are those that operate in unity.
  • Skilfulness – to achieve unity one must be skillful, deliberate, plan, and execute it.
  • Orderly execution – God instructs Moses to anoint Aaron with oil from the head, it flows down his beard and to the collar of his robe… Clearly, God expects unity to start from the leader and flow down to the followers.
  • Anoint everything – everything that we do must be done in unity.

Humility says, “I let you be and I am content with that as long as God is glorified”.

God who is calling us to be united is united Himself and does everything in unity. When He created mankind He said, “Let us make man in our image.”

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