Leading by seeking justice with Reverend Jeannette Sibanda

Africa is known to be the richest continent in resources and minerals yet so poor. It’s the second-largest continent in the area and the second-largest in Christianity in the whole world. What is Jesus have to do or say in all of this? Scripture contains all the answers.

Whenever we talk about poverty we always think of outward work and when people are struggling to make ends meet, or we look at it in monetary terms. Poverty has very little to do with all other factors but everything to do with power. Power has systems to create the poor. There are systems that order, empower and produce the poor. Who is the power that is ordering the city?

We begin to live in God’s kingdom when we have people that are doing the right thing. If we as the church do not deal with the ungodly system, it will be difficult for us to want to have a say and it will be difficult for us to see the transformation we are so desperately want to see. The revival we are living for will come and happen when we start to follow Jesus in conversations regarding justice and transformation.

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