Keys to fulfill the dreams of your life with Ps Joe Yaka

Dreaming is all about the purpose, the main reason for a person to be alive. If a person does not have a dream they are as good as dead. Every dream must be fulfilled in a lifetime, even if it’s big and scary.

The purpose of life is owned by God, the designer of life is God and the reason for life is God, regardless of how the person was born. The things we see in the spirit and the things that we believe we will own in the fulness of time are designed and built in us, if not we wouldn’t have the strong desire towards them. We wouldn’t have the desperation to own them. For us to fulfill the dream we must be desperate.

Be desperate – Hold the dream, focus on it, wait on it until it comes into manifestation. Don’t fall to the traps of the devil. Be Kingdom desperate and don’t settle for the second grade.

Inspiration – The circle of inspiration are the people you need to relate with. The people who are in the same situation with you, behind you, and those who were in the same situation before you. Those who walk may fall many times but in the end, they will win. Identify yourself as your dream, see yourself living in that dream.

Momentum – Losing momentum means, you will gain it, there’s no fear that may bring results, use Grace to lose and also to gain. Work, stress, go to bed, relax, take a break, eat healthy, exercise, have friends, and gain momentum. God is not in a hurry, keep going, refuse to give up, be positive, use obstacles to move over, keep going, don’t stop.

Faith is the means by which we move, to go forward and achieve those dreams and live within the purpose.

Through the Word of God, we can call things into existence. Call your success by name, it will show up, your words create your world. When is dark it’s God’s moment, you may not have hope, still use it. Your dream will be fulfilled.

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