It cannot be denied the fact that many women do not regard themselves as leaders yet Scripture is clear in Genesis 1:26 – 28 of who God made women to be and the role He created them to fulfil in His Kingdom.

There are numerous examples in the Bible of women who played critical roles in saving the nation of Israel.

Theological culture has successfully minimised the role of women in leadership and even silenced their voice to a larger extent. There are many teachings that we received which we need to unlearn in order for us to be able to elevate our thinking to what God has designed us to be in His Kingdom.

There are significant characteristics of women leadership vs. their male counterparts.

  • It does not see positions nor controlling and guarding the power that it does not move instead it is driven by how the nation can be saved.
  • It is inclusive, broader, it thinks community, nation and all of us.
  • Have an ability to see beyond what is happening right now and act on it.

God wants to free women and their portion in this season is real freedom and an encounter with the true nature of God. Women need to remember that they were created for God’s divine purpose and He is calling each woman by her true name, not the one that is symbolised by her brokenness. When one responds to that name, not even the sky is the limit but God Himself becomes the limit.

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