Realities of Life with Ps Thando Melane

Leaders are not perfect people because there is no perfect person on earth.

The Bible is very clear that we are fallible, we will from time to time sin whether deliberately or out of ignorance. Sinning in this context means we have missed God’s standard of living. Sadly life happens, even the Bible happens in life, however, it equips us on how “to do life” God’s way.

In the book of Galatians 6 v1 we learn at least 4 principles when dealing with a person who has been hit by the realities of life and found themselves in sin:

  • Restore gently – when a person has fallen into sin those who are spiritually matured must correct them gently and restore them back to God’s standards.
  • Walk with them – restoring a person is a process. When helping, one must be willing to walk the journey with them.
  • Watch out – as you are counseling them, be careful not to fall into sin yourself. Counseling might end up in Consolation.
  • Carry each other’s burdens – by doing so, we will be fulfilling God’s law.

Knowing that we are fallible, does not give us a license to live contrary to God’s expectations, it should instead encourage us to examine our vulnerabilities and take them to Him so that He can help us. If we do not want to acknowledge our vulnerabilities, life has a tendency of showing us who we are – and that’s a reality of life”.

Finding yourself caught up in sin can torment a person. Remember God does not get angry and give up on people. There’s always room on the Cross.

“Feed yourself with what God says about you and not how you feel or what other people say about you”.

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