By Sindisiwe Dlamini

According to Generation Z, parenting should be approached in a way that promotes
independence, open communication, and understanding of their needs and desires.

  1. Supportive and Open-Minded: Generation Z wants parents who create an
    environment where they feel comfortable expressing themselves without fear of
    judgment. They appreciate parents who are open-minded, willing to listen, and
    provide guidance without being overly controlling or authoritative.
  2. Individuality and Autonomy: Generation Z values their individuality and desires the
    freedom to make their own choices and decisions. They appreciate parents who
    encourage them to explore their passions, pursue their interests, and take ownership
    of their lives while still providing guidance and support when needed.
  3. Digital Literacy: With the rise of technology, Generation Z values parents who are
    digitally literate and understand the online world. They appreciate parents who are
    knowledgeable about social media, privacy concerns, and responsible internet
    usage, as this helps them navigate the digital landscape safely and intelligently.
  4. Emotional Support: Generation Z places importance on mental and emotional
    well-being. Parents who prioritize their child’s emotional health and provide a safe
    space for expressing feelings are highly valued. Encouraging self-care, practicing
    stress management techniques, and recognizing the importance of mental health are
    essential to them.
  5. Flexibility and Adaptability: Generation Z appreciates parents who can adapt to
    changing circumstances and embrace new ideas. They value parents who are willing
    to learn and grow alongside them, rather than enforcing traditional methods without
    considering their evolving needs and interests.
  6. Collaboration and Dialogue: Generation Z wants parents who engage in open
    conversations and involve them in decision-making processes. They appreciate
    parents who treat them as equals and actively seek their input, fostering a sense of
    collaboration and shared responsibility.


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