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By Sikelelwa Mfundisi

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From the 20-22 September 2023 there will be an exhibition of Chinese producers in South Africa that will take place at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand. The exhibition will be hosted by the China Home and Machinex Trade Fair.

According to Meorient International’s Chief Operating Officer, Binu Pillai, suppliers at China Home Life undergo a thorough verification process. As a result, he added, they select only the best for their trade shows to ensure their buyers get top quality products, and that allows them to build strong relationships in all countries they do business in.

Chinese companies are interested in doing business in Africa, meanwhile African companies are interested in importing from China and some want to do business with China. Those African countries that have interest in doing business with China can use the China Home Life South Africa for their own benefit. 2023 marks the 7th year of the Trade exhibition where CHLSA will be showing their high-quality products.

The event is a unique opportunity to meet leading companies from key industries, learn about their products, compare them, watch product demos, and ask in-depth questions. It will provide visitors with a comprehensive overview of the China sourcing process.

Sao Paulo, Istanbul, Dubai, Johannesburg, Mumbai, Cairo, Amman, Warsaw, Mexico, Lagos, Nairobi, Tehran, and Almaty are the 13 locations worldwide where the event is held annually.

The biggest China sourcing event on the African continent is China Home Life, which is organized in collaboration with Machinex. It has seen visitors from countries other than South Africa over the years, including Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Malawi.

This year’s trade show will feature more than 10,000 qualified items on 750 booths by 570 confirmed Chinese exhibitors. Among the many advantages of attending the expo are the chances for South African importers and wholesalers to discover the latest, best, and most affordable items directly from Chinese manufacturers.

The expo is a good place for Chinese manufacturers to display their most recent products, and visitors will value the abundance of choices. The best technique to comprehend how competitive your industry is in this manner.

In order to facilitate successful networking, China Home Life and its on-site Match-Making Programme will schedule meetings on-site. This will allow every buyer to speak with exhibitors directly and stay up to date on the newest products for their business needs.

This event also provides an opportunity to network with top business and industry professionals, discover new opportunities, and learn about the procedures involved in importing goods from China. In the exhibition industry, China Home Life connects customers with upscale Chinese businesses that offer the most innovative merchandise.

The theme for this year’s version will be energy. All visitors are welcome, although pre-registration for fast-track entry is suggested to avoid the waits.

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