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Reviewed by: Oyisa George

This news report provides a detailed account of a tragic incident involving a 93-year-old woman who lost her life due to a freak wave in Leentjiesklip, George, South Africa

The spring high tide battered restaurants, houses, and cars along the coast in the Eastern and Western Cape on Saturday. A number of beaches across the Western Cape, particularly Gordon’s Bay, Stilbaai, Mossel Bay, and Three Anchor Bay in Cape Town had to be closed following the spring tide across the coastline. 

According to the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) interview with eNCA, businesses affected by the spring high tide include The Brass Bell restaurant in Kalk Bay and extensive damage in George and along the Southern Cape coastline.

The report written by TimesLive is clear and concise, providing essential details about the incident, its causes, and the response from authorities. The article does a good job of attributing information to credible sources, such as the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) spokesperson and the South African Weather Service (Saws) meteorologist. This adds credibility to the report.

The article provides valuable context by explaining what a storm surge is and how it can lead to coastal flooding. This information helps readers understand the cause of the incident. The article includes warnings and safety information, emphasizing the potential danger of rough waves and storm surges. This is crucial for public awareness and safety.

The article mentions other incidents caused by the rough waves, including individuals caught in rip currents. This provides a broader perspective on the impact of stormy weather. The inclusion of social media coverage and videos of the incident adds depth to the report, giving readers a visual understanding of the severity of the situation.

The article humanizes the incident by mentioning the age of the victim and the injuries sustained by others. This adds an emotional dimension to the story. The article mentions specific locations affected by the storm, which helps readers understand the geographical scope of the incident.

Overall, the content is well-structured, informative, and provides a comprehensive overview of the incident and its consequences. It effectively communicates the importance of safety precautions in extreme weather conditions.

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