The bail denial of the famous Dr Nandipha Magudumane

By Qaqamba Matundu

Photo: Screen grab from the internet

Earlier this year in April everyone was shocked when Dr Magudumane got arrested along with her boyfriend Thabo Bester in Aurusha, Tanzania. Bester is a convicted Facebook rapist and killer.

“The pair escaped from SA following news report that Bester made a daring escape from Mangaung Correctional Facility ran by the G4S Security company.” Says  Ntombi Nkosi

On the article written by Ntombi Nkosi, it is said that Magudumane’s bail application was denied.  Reason behind the denial is the fact that it is risky as she might help Bester to escape again from prison. “In conclusion, I find that the applicant is a definite flight risk and that no bail money condition will assist under the circumstances to limit this.” Said De Lange, the magistrate

Magudumane applied for bail because she says she wants to be united  with her children.

Defense argue that Magudumane is not a threat, she cannot flee the country because she doesn’t have a passport but we all know she once managed to cross boarder even without it.

Magudumane claimed on affidavit that she was kidnapped by Bester and he  forced her to leave with him. Now question is how can one believe that after we all saw how they were  smiling at each other in the courtroom , the touching of hands. That’s why also the magistrate/state was not convinced by her story.

It has been 5 months since she has been in custody but it’s only recently that she spoke about the allegations of Bester Kidnapping her. Was she really kidnapped when she helped on the prison escape? Didn’t she think of her children then?

And apparently the car they used to leave SA with was under Magudumane’s name

I didn’t understand the part where the legal expect was saying Magudumane stood a good chance of appealing her denied bail. He said that there’s no evidence led.  What evidence is needed to prove that she is guilty as Bester.

In conclusion, I do agree with the statement by the NPA Free State spokesperson Phaladi, that “from the onset of symptoms, we can have been saying that it will be in the best interest of justice for her (not) to be released on bail. The court agreed with the Prosecution that she is not a candidate to be released on bail..


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