The Western Cape won great honours at the National Education Excellence Awards.

By Sikelelwa Mfundisi

                                  Picture of Western Cape Education MEC David Maynier

The Western Cape received resounding recognition for its work in education at the National Education Excellence Awards in Kempton Park on October 6th, 2023. The awards recognise excellence in learning outcomes by emphasizing the quality of matriculation results and educational indicators, and they promise a bright future for South Africa’s young.

The Western Cape’s schools and districts have won numerous awards that demonstrate the dedication and commitment of its educators, students, and stakeholders.

The Rustenburg Girls’ High School, a prestigious institution, is renowned as one of the country’s typical Quintile 5 schools. It is situated in Metro Central. Among the top ten schools in the world is Rustenburg Girls’ High School, which just won the renowned World’s Best School Prize. Its dual distinction enhances its reputation as a leader in academic achievement.

At the National Education Excellence Awards, Western Cape schools won top honours in several categories. Rhenish Girls’ High School in the Cape Winelands region took second place, while Hoor Meisieskool Bloemhof, which is also located in the Cape Winelands region, took third. This demonstrates the quality of education in the Western Cape.

Quintile 4 ranked Horskool Montagu third among universities in the Western Cape, which is indicative of high-quality education.

Among full-service schools nationwide, Steilhoogte Primary School of the West Coast Education District was named the second-most improved. The success of the school demonstrates its commitment to integrating special needs students into regular public schools, which speaks to the inclusiveness and innovation of Western Cape education.

Success at the National Education Excellence Awards attests to the dedication of stakeholders in the Western Cape school community to providing a high-quality education. This accomplishment confirms the Western Cape’s status as a national leader in education, as well as its commitment to providing excellent education to every student. The accomplishments of the past are also a source of optimism for generations to come.

On a statement wrote by Kerry Mauchline, the spokesperson minister David Maynier stated, “Thank you to every one of our learners, teachers, officials, and school stakeholders for the hard work that has made these achievements possible, which underlines our commitment to quality education for every learner, in every classroom, in every school in the Western Cape.”

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