By Qaqamba Matundu

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Balancing mental health and school can be challenging, but it’s essential. Here are some tips to help:

Create a schedule that includes study time, breaks, and self-care. Stick to it as closely as possible to reduce stress. Reach out to teachers, counselors, or school support services if you’re struggling academically or emotionally.

Prioritize activities that help you relax and recharge, such as exercise, mindfulness, and hobbies.

Learn to say no to additional commitments when your plate is already full. Maintain a balanced diet, get enough sleep, and avoid excessive caffeine or alcohol.

Stay connected with friends and family for emotional support. Don’t hesitate to consult a mental health professional if you’re experiencing persistent emotional or mental health issues.

Striving for excellence is good, but don’t set unrealistic standards for yourself. Accept that it’s okay to make mistakes. When dealing with overwhelming assignments, break them down into smaller, manageable tasks.

If you’re facing challenges, let your teachers or professors know so they can offer guidance or accommodations.

Remember that balance may fluctuate, and it’s okay to make adjustments as needed to prioritize your mental health while pursuing your education.

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