By Qaqamba Matundu

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Reading books to children is highly important for several reasons:

Language Development: It helps in developing a child’s language and vocabulary skills. Hearing words and phrases from books enhances their understanding and communication abilities.

Cognitive Development: Reading  problem-solving skills.

Bonding: Reading together can be a bonding experience between parents or caregivers and children, creating positive associations with learning and spending time together.

Early Literacy Skills: It introduces children to the concept of reading and prepares them for formal education, promoting a lifelong love of books.

Knowledge and Imagination: Books expose children to various topics and cultures, expanding their knowledge and imagination.

Emotional Development: Stories often contain moral lessons, allowing children to explore emotions, empathy, and ethical values.

Attention Span: Reading encourages children to focus and improves their attention span.

In summary, reading to children is a simple yet powerful way to support their development, both intellectually and emotionally, while fostering a love for learning and literature.

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